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23/04/2018 3:05 pm  

I just finished watching the first episode of season 2. Here are some of my random thoughts on season 2 of Westworld:

William is looking for his own maze. I was a bit disappointed in him in season 1 that it took years for him to understand the maze was meant for the hosts and not him. But I strongly believe there is a maze for everyone and the maze that was build for hosts can be somewhat adapted to humans (ball-shaped maze?) The maze for humas is risky and morally highly questionable. Suffering is part of the maze afterall, but the suffering of William drifted him futher apart from the center, his true self. But I believe William will recover parts of his old (=younger) self in this season and find his true self, so I can root for him once again.

The other purpose of the parks is to extract information of the visitors on a much grander scale than all scandels we have experienced irl (such as the facebook and other social media ones) so far.

What are your thoughts of the whereabouts of the conciousness of Ford? I had the feeling one of the "Bernards" we were seeing is actually Fords' conciousness hiding in an Arnold-shaped host.

Are there true villains and/or heroes in this show? At the moment I dont see them, but I dont need villains or heroes to enjoy it.

The only thing I am certain of: The differences between hosts and humans will be diminished even further in this season and it will raise new questions...

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23/04/2018 8:31 pm  

My understanding is that the maze is a concept, not a physical thing, and that the voice of Arnold people keep hearing in their heads is actually their own thoughts, hence Delores becoming self aware at the end of the last season by realizing that she is the one she has been hearing. I've heard it posited that very early man likely confused the first thoughts they heard in their own head as the voice of a God, hence the roots of early religion, it seems that is at least a bit of what the writers are going for. 


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